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What Is The Operation Process Of The Inflatable Bread Packaging Machine?

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What Is The Operation Process Of The Inflatable Bread Packaging Machine?


10 月 13, 2022

The inflatable bread packaging machine adopts smart chips, metering, automatic detection of electrical faults, simple operation, and convenient debugging. This function stores the packaging process parameters of 10 different products, which can be used at any time when changing products without resetting, and is equipped with a super-sized display touch screen to form the core of drive control, PLC servo control system, which greatly improves the control accuracy of the whole machine Reliability and intelligence can automatically complete part of the packaging process of metering, feeding, filling and bag making, date marking, inflation (deflation), finished product delivery, and automatic counting.

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The operation process of the inflatable bread packaging machine is as follows:

1. Turn on the power of the machine. According to packaging needs, select the vacuum sealing option to jump the machine to vacuum, and select the vacuum sealing mode to inflate the vacuum.
2. Then put the vacuum container with the package into the vacuum chamber, or put the exhaust port in it, place the opening of the packaging bag neatly on the heat-sealing rod, and open the airport.
3. Close the cover of the vacuum packaging machine, the vacuum pump will start to exhaust after the indicator light on the control panel is on, and the vacuum degree can be adjusted according to the packaging needs.

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4. When the preset value is reached, the indicator light goes out and the machine starts to inflate.
5. After reaching the preset inflation volume, when using the machine for heat sealing, the electric vacuum packaging machine must set the heat sealing time on the preset brain board, and be careful not to damage the vacuum bag for too long. After the preset time is reached, the indicator light goes out, and then the atmosphere enters the vacuum chamber, the cover plate is lifted, and the packaging machine inflates and packs to complete.

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Maintenance of the air pump of the inflatable bread packaging machine:

In order to make the vacuum pump work normally, the vacuum pump motor cannot be reversed. The vacuum pump should use No. 0 vacuum pump oil, and the imported vacuum pump should use imported vacuum pump oil. Vacuum packaging machines must often check the oil level. The normal oil level is at 1/2-3/4 of the oil window (not to exceed). When the vacuum pump has moisture or the oil color turns black, it should be proved that the oil is polluted, and the vacuum pump oil should be replaced in time. Before replacing the vacuum pump oil, run the vacuum pump for 15-30 minutes, stop running after the oil temperature rises, and cut off the power supply. Remove the oil filler cap, remove the oil bolt, and drain the oil safely. Then, tighten the oil drain bolt to replenish the oil of the new vacuum pump to the specified height, and then tighten the oil filler cap.

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