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Sleeve Labeling Machine Failure Causes And Corresponding Solutions

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Sleeve Labeling Machine Failure Causes And Corresponding Solutions


3 月 11, 2023

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Today I will introduce you to two common faults of the sleeve labeling machine and their causes and corresponding solutions

bottle labeling machine
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The first: Shrink film cutting position is not flat, there is a burr

Failure causes:

  • The label is too large, and the center column diameter and the film material folding diameter deviation are too large.
  • The correction leveling point of the knife plate is not in a line.
  • Inside the knife set, the gap between the eccentric shaft groove and the bottom of the knife holder is too large, resulting in uneven blades.
  • The strength of the blade is not enough.

Corresponding solution:

  • Good control of the label size, especially to confirm the label folding diameter and the diameter of the center column.
  • The blade replacement flat spot to confirm the correct. In addition, the lock blade tension control should also be appropriate.
  • Replace the relevant parts inside the knife set.
  • Replacement of new blades.

The second: The shrink film is easy to accumulate material in the center column or card material

Failure causes:

  • Film material in the manufacture of the fold diameter control is large or small, especially in the standard size of the lower line (small), more likely to cause the center column material accumulation.
  • The clamping point of the center column adopts single-point clamping is also easy to causes clamping instability so that the center column can not become a line and thus cause material accumulation.
  • The strength of the upper and lower driving rubber wheel adjustment is not consistent.
  • The knife edge of the cutter may stop in the groove of the center column when it returns to the home point at every turn, resulting in the film material label touching the blade and forming the accumulation of material.
  • The center column groove may have been cut by the knife “cut” phenomenon, which will lead to the label is not smooth, and thus the situation of the material jam.
  • After the label, is cut off when waiting to be brushed off, the brush wheel does not smoothly cut off the label into the bottle body and produces a domino effect, the reaction goes back to cause the central column material accumulation.

Corresponding solution:

  • Require the label supplier to fold the diameter value control within ± 0. 5%.
  • Multi-point clamping machines and equipment are better than single-point clamping, but each brand of labeling machine has different designs, so users should be careful in the purchase of choice.
  • Correctly adjust the strength of the upper and lower drive rubber wheel.
  • Check whether the origin of the cutting knife is correct, and check the whole process control of the collocation, be sure to drive the next sheet of material within the effective time after the cutting knife leaves the center column. In addition, the cutting knife should stay inside the knife plate when it stops for each revolution, not too close to the center column groove, so as to ensure no accumulation of material.
  • If there is a cut at the groove of the center column, the surface will be rounded and smooth after treatment.
  • To confirm the brush-down wheelset and the center column of the clamping contact are indeed not offset and that brush down wheel is not worn and is caused by the brush-down force can not evenly brush down the label and fall into the bottle, otherwise, the label will cause a chain reaction to make the center column accumulate material.

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