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Juice Liquid Packaging Machine Application And Use Of Attention

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Juice Liquid Packaging Machine Application And Use Of Attention


12 月 5, 2023

Liquid packaging machine that packages liquid products packaging equipment, such as beverage filling machine, dairy filling machine, viscous liquid food packaging machine, liquid cleaning products, and personal care products packaging machine and so on belongs to the category of liquid packaging machine, today we would like to introduce this Landpack packaging machinery automatic vertical juice liquid packaging machine.

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Automatic vertical juice liquid packaging machine for soy sauce, vinegar, fruit juice, milk, and other liquids, using 0.08mm polyethylene film, its molding, bag making, quantitative filling, ink printing, sealing and cutting, and other processes are all automatic, the film in the packaging before the ultraviolet sterilization, in line with the requirements of food hygiene.
Due to the rich variety of liquid products, juice liquid packaging machine also has a very large number of types and forms, which is used to package liquid food liquid packaging machine the technical requirements are higher, and asepsis, hygiene, and safety is the basic requirements of liquid food packaging machine.

Precautions for the use of Landpack liquid packaging machine:
1. Each time before starting the machine, check and observe the machine for any abnormalities.
2. The machine is in operation, it is strictly prohibited to body, hands, and head close to or in contact with the running parts.
3. For the machine in operation, it is strictly prohibited to hand tools into the sealing knife seat.
4. A machine in normal operation is strictly prohibited frequent switching the operation button, is strictly prohibited to change the parameter setting value frequently.
5. Running for a long time at high speed is forbidden.
6. Prohibit two people at the same time from operating all kinds of machine switch buttons and institutions; maintenance and maintenance should turn off the power supply; more than one person at the same time debugging, and maintenance of the machine, pay attention to each other to communicate and signaling to prevent accidents due to the lack of synergy.
7. Check, and repair the electrical control circuit, it is strictly prohibited to work with electricity! Be sure to cut off the power supply! To be completed by electrical professionals, the machine is automatically programmed to lock, with no unauthorized changes.
8. When the operator can not stay awake due to alcohol or fatigue, it is strictly prohibited to operate, debug, or do maintenance work; other untrained or unqualified personnel shall not operate the machine.