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How To Choose The Right Labeling Machine Model?

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How To Choose The Right Labeling Machine Model?


8 月 26, 2022

If you have many products with bottle filling and stick the label on the bottles. It takes you so much time to stick the labels on the bottles. The production is limited by the workers. Many customers are looking for a labeling machine to help them finish production and save a lot of labor costs.

There is a flexible machine model to stick the labels on the round and flat bottles. The worker just needs to put the bottles on the conveyor. The machine will stick the labels on each bottle one by one with high accuracy. The running speed is around 35-40 bottles per min. So one hour is 4800 bottles. It will help you save 3 or 4 workers’ costs.

The automatic labeling machine to stick the bottles is the best choice for the owner. No matter if you have different bottles size or bottle shapes, the machine also will help you stick the label on the bottles well. Because our machine could be adjusted based on the bottle’s shapes and size.

Why the machine could stick the labels on the bottles with high accuracy? Because there is an eye sensor to identify the position of the bottles, it will tell the machine where is the bottles and then stick the label on them. The eye sensor also could find transparent labels. It is an imported sensor from Japan.

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If the bottle is higher, you could turn the screws to let the structure higher or shorter. And you just need to change the new labels on the machine, There is also a drawing to teach you how to go through the labels on the wheel.

The running speed is adjustable. The normal speed is 35-40 bottles per min. You could change the speed on the touch screen directly. It is very easy for you to operate it. The whole set of machines is controlled by the touch screen and PLC system.

The machine also suits to sticking one side labor or full bottles label, it also suits 2 sides label on flat bottles. Our engineers have considered and designed the special structure of the machine. When the round bottles go through the conveyor, both sides wheel will hold the bottles and stick the label on them.

Our machine is very developed. It also could match with the full bottle feeding and bottle filling line. So when the bottles are coming, the labeling machine will find them and stick the label on them automatically.

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