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Features Of Vegetable Packaging Machine

vegetable packing machine

Features Of Vegetable Packaging Machine


12 月 28, 2022

1. Four sets of independent temperature controllers for the longitudinal sealing and horizontal sealing cutters, which adopt the Japanese Omron brand, and can directly adjust the temperature independently.

2. Reciprocating cutter structure, longer sealing movement time, firm sealing, tracking, and synchronous sealing, and cutting of packaging materials, which can pass through 150MM of packaging.

vegetable packaging machine

3. The input conveyor and main machine of the packaging machine are made of 304# stainless steel, which is convenient for cleaning and has a long service life to prevent rust and aging.

4. Imported PLC full computer control system, man-machine interface, 10.1-inch super large LCD touch screen.

vegetable wrapping machine

5. The leaf vegetable packaging machine adopts a Japanese Mitsubishi brand four-servo AC motor to individually control the conveying input, film feeding stick, reciprocating middle belt, and horizontal sealing cutter, so as to control stability and realize automatic detection of vegetable length for bag-making, sealing, cutting, and output packaging.

6. Vertical punching is used in the process of packaging vegetables so that the vegetables can breathe to stay fresh.

lettuce packaging machine

7. The company adopts a humanized design. When the workers do not place materials, the machine stops. When the materials are detected, the machine starts automatically. There is no empty bag, which significantly saves the cost of consumables.

8. It is easy to operate to replace vegetables with different widths. Just turn the knob on the KT bag maker to complete the width adjustment.

9. It can automatically complete the entire packaging process of bag making, counting and punching, and finished product output.

vegetable packing machine price

10. Imported food-grade PU material conveyor belt, long-term use without deformation, acid, and alkali oil resistance, and wear resistance are 3 times higher than the belt life of similar domestic conveyor belts above. Both sides of the leaf and vegetable input conveyor adopt belt-type escort materials, which can effectively prevent the astringent feeling produced when the vegetables are fed, reduce friction, and ensure that the leaf and vegetable In the process of conveying the package are not damaged.

11. Electronic horizontal sealing adjustment technology, the height of the horizontal sealing cutter can be controlled by a microcomputer, is easy and flexible to operate, suitable for automatic packaging of leafy vegetables of different heights.

12. The working tables on both sides of the conveyor can be freely adjusted in width through the man-machine interface, which is convenient for packaging vegetables of different widths.

13. Automatic air-blowing device for bag forming, reducing horizontal sealing folds.

vegetable packaging equipment

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